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Switch Things Up at These 3 SoCal Speakeasies


Sometimes dim lighting and a bar stool are just what the doctor ordered for the weekend. Sure, rowdy dive bars serve up plenty of good tunes and character while some of LA's best night clubs allow you and your friends to dress to the nines, but there are nights when it's better to just chill. [...]

Switch Things Up at These 3 SoCal Speakeasies2019-03-05T16:59:38-08:00

A Full Day of Aphrodisiac Eats for Valentine’s Day


Whether or not we're all true believers in the power of foods deemed "aphrodisiacs", they do make for some pretty delicious recipes. If you want to really spice things up this Valentine's Day and swoon your mate with a full day of home-cooked meals, there are plenty of ways to incorporate aphrodisiacs into dishes you [...]

A Full Day of Aphrodisiac Eats for Valentine’s Day2019-02-08T14:32:27-08:00

LA Restaurants Serving Up Nostalgia


As we grow up, we can no longer dismiss vegetables and indulge in grilled cheese for every meal. Yet, sometimes it is acceptable to give in to the foods we remember from childhood that weren't exactly nutritious, but oh so satisfying for the soul. It isn't exactly socially acceptable to ask for the kid's menu [...]

LA Restaurants Serving Up Nostalgia2019-01-18T14:17:27-08:00

Healthy Recipes for 2019 from Our Favorite Cookbooks


New Year's resolutions start to stir in our minds as the year comes to a close and January 1st quickly approaches. Even if the resolution of healthy eating in the new year has failed you in the past, most of us consider the lifestyle change almost every year when a fresh start is marked by [...]

Healthy Recipes for 2019 from Our Favorite Cookbooks2019-01-02T16:15:36-08:00