Healthy Recipes for 2019 from Our Favorite Cookbooks

New Year’s resolutions start to stir in our minds as the year comes to a close and January 1st quickly approaches. Even if the resolution of healthy eating in the new year has failed you in the past, most of us consider the lifestyle change almost every year when a fresh start is marked by the ball drop in Times Square. To make the transition to healthier eating smoother this year, turn to your some of your favorite chefs and their cookbooks in order to find healthy recipes that won’t leave you unfulfilled. Even the most unsuspecting cookbooks can contain a healthier recipe or two. To make things even easier, here are a few selections that contain healthy recipes for 2019 from our favorite cookbooks.

Alton Brown – Everydaycook

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Despite the french fries that the food knowledge master is munching on on the cover, Alton Brown actually eats vegetarian 3-4 days out of the week, and those recipes aren’t left out of this iconic cookbook. There are recipes such as Tofu Fried Rice, Black Beans and a plethora of vegetable dishes amongst indulgent pasta and treats. If you save the temptations of cake and breakfast casserole for weekend indulgences, you’ll be pleased to find that you can still eat healthy with one of America’s dearest chefs.

Pamela Salzman – Kitchen Matters

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Chef and cookbook author Pamela Salzman does most of her work here in Los Angeles, CA and visits the Manhattan Beach farmer’s market frequently. If you follow her Instagram account, she shares her farmer’s market organic produce finds and cooking videos at home. Pamela preaches health and wellness and constantly adapts nostalgic dishes to fit a nutritious lifestyle. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, Pamela has a variety of recipes to trick anyone into living a better life through fantastic foods. In Kitchen Matters, chef Pamela breaks down what basic ingredients to have in the kitchen, when to buy organic and much more. This cookbook is a great companion for a healthier 2019.

Joe Yonan (and countless chefs) – America The Great Cookbook

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In this fantastic compilation, Joe Yonan pulls recipes from chefs who have brought their specialties to the USA. You don’t have to learn from just one chef as there are over 30 different recipes from culinary masterminds with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Amongst decadent desserts and casseroles, there are plenty of vegetable dishes and salads mixed in that will make your mouth water. Though it might be difficult to skip over Buddy Valastro’s Perfect Chocolate Cake for the moment, you won’t be disappointed in the healthier options in the pages of this wonderful kitchen addition.

Jet Tila – 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die 

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Asian cuisine is loaded with fresh vegetables, which makes chef Jet Tila’s latest cookbook a wonderful thing to have on hand in the kitchen when you’re looking to eat healthier in 2019. From Pad Thai to Tofu and Wok Vegetables there is an abundance of options to eat clean and expand your culinary skills. You’ll also be introduced to different ingredients such as sesame oil and kimchi which have wonderful health benefits and might sneak their way into other dishes you normally prepare and enjoy at home.

Whether you’re a beginner chef or a kitchen veteran, cookbooks are wonderful to collect and provide endless culinary adventures. If you’re looking to eat cleaner this year, start off strong with some healthy recipes for 2019 from our favorite cookbooks.