How To Spread your Culinary Wings This Summer

Summer is a season of great opportunity. Whether you are going on vacation, soaking up the sun or giving some extra attention to your streaming subscriptions, summer is a great time for food. Of course, food is always important, but summertime allows us to step outside of our cooking and dining comfort zones and spend a little extra time developing our palate. Maybe you do have time to drive 40 minutes to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or can spare that fifth day of Wendy’s. Here’s how to spread your culinary wings this summer…

Try Something You Think You Don’t Like  

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Yes, we know, the whole point of declaring that you don’t like something like sushi or veal is to avoid it at all costs, but a revisit may surprise you. Our palates are constantly developing and changing, so you never know what you will end up enjoying. Things such as different cuts of meat and dishes such as sushi can also be prepared in so many different ways that you are bound to enjoy at least one preparation.

Don’t Ask To Change A Dish When Ordering 

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It is the dreaded moment when you’re scanning the ingredients list of a seemingly tasty dish until you run into something you don’t enjoy such as mustard or cilantro, and you immediately think to ask the server to remove it from your order – don’t. No modifications. Unless it is a matter of allergies or intolerance, try to eat dishes prepared as is. Chefs create dishes with intention and purpose, meaning that every single ingredient contributes something to the experience of the dish as a whole. The results of ordering a dish in its entirety may surprise you, and you may not even notice the thin layer of mustard on your sandwich. 

‘Window Shop’ To Find Your Next Meal 

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Instead of immediately turning to Yelp or Google Maps when looking for a new place to eat, try going to an area familiar or unfamiliar and simply walk around to find your next meal. By scanning the streets and looking into restaurants windows, you may find restaurants that aren’t even listed on Yelp that deserve your business. By ‘window shopping’ for food, you may find your new favorite restaurants.

Try To Cook Your Favorite Food 

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But what if it’s impossible?! – chances are, it’s not. Unless your palate truly prefers aspics or a dish containing ingredients that are difficult to source, you can make it at home yourself. By preparing a dish at home that you always order when you’re out, you can better understand why you enjoy it and pride yourself on expanding your cooking skills.