Kitchen Essentials to Step up Your Cooking Game in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, we can reflect on all of the burnt bacon, perfect blueberry muffins and deliciously, creamy risotto that have come out of our kitchens this year. With New Year’s right around the corner, it’s not only an opportunity to make resolutions about work, fitness, and friends but about food as well.

Here are some kitchen essentials to step up your cooking game in 2019…

  1. Kosher Salt

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    Alton Brown is one of the biggest advocates for Kosher salt, and there are few reasons why. Kosher salt is pure without any additives such as iodine, offering a clear, salty flavor to most any dish. The crystals of Kosher salt are also much larger, making them easier to grab and control and more prominent when sprinkled on dishes such as fresh-baked biscuits and steak. Having Kosher salt on hand will truly elevate the flavors that come out of your kitchen next year.

  2. Handheld Pizza Cutter

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    Whether we’d like to admit it or not, pizza seems to sneak its way into our kitchens often. From cauliflower crust to trusty DiGiorno, home-baked pizzas leave us with the task of cutting perfect slices. Rolling, handheld pizza cutters make pizza life extremely easy and quick, leaving your guests impressed with your even slices.

  3. Mason Jars with Plastic Lids

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    Mason Jars are perfect for storing pickled vegetables, overnight oats, and salads. The traditional metal lids are not always ideal when looking for quick, portable storage, which is why Ball came out with plastic, reusable lids available at most any store selling the jars.

  4. Coconut Oil

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    Coconut oil has been admired for its benefits to skin and hair, but its use in the kitchen is just as great. Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to olive, canola and vegetable oil and adds a rich depth of flavor to any dish. Coconut oil can be used in many ways such as baking and sauteing, it’s up to you to discover how it will help you step it up in the kitchen in 2019.

  5. Microgreens

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    No matter the dish you make for lunch or dinner, it can almost always use a little extra color and flavor. Microgreens are a great and easy way to incorporate beautiful shades of purple and green to your dinners to impress guests and yourself. From alfalfa to basil to arugula, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of microgreen you can grow and top proteins, salads and avocado toasts with.