LA Restaurants Serving Up Nostalgia

As we grow up, we can no longer dismiss vegetables and indulge in grilled cheese for every meal. Yet, sometimes it is acceptable to give in to the foods we remember from childhood that weren’t exactly nutritious, but oh so satisfying for the soul. It isn’t exactly socially acceptable to ask for the kid’s menu at many restaurants, especially with the sophisticated food scene here in Los Angeles, but do not fret. Smart and innovative chefs have heard your cry and recreated some of our childhood favorites so we can experience tastebud memories without the shame of ordering chicken fingers from a list of foods for “12 and under”. Here are a few LA restaurants serving up nostalgia.

  1. PB & J Burger – Public School 310

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    Public School 310 will bring you back to your younger days as soon as you walk through the doors as the entire chain is themed from our past educational experience. The menus are printed on binder paper and happy hour is referred to as “recess”. As strange as it may seem, when a PB&J sandwich and a classic American burger meet, a delicious, nostalgic dish is born. Rich nuttiness accents the juicy burger patty while the sweet jelly cuts through the fat, creating a unique dining experience that will surely bring you back to your childhood, but you will probably want to wash it all down with a craft beer, bringing you right back to the present.

  2. Hot Cheeto Mac N Cheese – The Attic 

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    Hot Cheetos have been quite the craze recently, but the Attic on Broadway in Long Beach was one of the first to popularize this crazy combination. Not only does this dish bring you back to simpler times when boxed mac n cheese was the best part of your day, but it brings you to snack time with red-stained fingers with the addition of Hot Cheetos. This is surely a cheesy dish you’ll want to try, as a proud and grown adult, of course.

  3. Grilled Cheese – fundamental LA 

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    Shallots and sourdough bread make a grilled cheese grown-up, right? We think so, and so does fundamental LA. Grilled cheese is a sacred, simple dish, so the adult version shouldn’t have too much going on. Tangy sourdough and salty shallots are the perfect additions to elevate one of America’s favorite sandwiches that brings us back to the days of Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles.

  4. Birdie Bites – Birdies

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    Birdies in Downtown LA not only serves up childhood’s bets chicken treat but donuts as well to satisfy all nostalgic cravings. No need to feel guilty for eating like you’re five years old again, no one will judge you when the food is this good. The fast-casual dining setting is the perfect way to grab what seems like fast food but has all the flavor of the food of our sophisticated adult life.