OpenTable Tips for a Successful Reservation

As we search the internet for the perfect brunch, lunch and dinner spots, there are hundreds of lists and roundups telling us the best meals and specials. To help narrow it down, OpenTable, an application/website, available to download on your phone, helps you find the perfect restaurant. Arranging a celebratory brunch, lunch or dinner has never been easier, and here are a few things to remember when using OpenTable…

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  1. Choose your cuisine – If you don’t already have a particular restaurant in mind, OpenTable allows you to search by location or offers categories of different types of food ranging from Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese, etc., which makes choosing a restaurant that much simpler. It also saves time from having to look through menus on individual websites. Deciding on what food you’d like to eat before looking for a reservation may also help you discover one of your new favorite restaurants.
  2. Note the price range – Each restaurant lists dollar signs next to its name ranging from one to four dollar signs, which suggests how much your meal will likely cost. Be sure to take this into consideration before going through with confirming your restaurant.
  3. Pay attention to the location – You may come across a beautiful restaurant that sounds perfect for your celebratory evening, but after making the reservation, you may realize it’s far too many miles away. While you can search restaurants near a certain location, the results of your search may not always be in the range you are looking for. So before clicking “Reserve”, confirm that the restaurant is within the distance you want to drive/Uber for your special brunch or dinner.
  4. Know your party – OpenTable does the most that it can in regards to accommodating changes to reservations, but it is ultimately up to the individual restaurant when it comes to last-minute changes in how many people are in your party. Try your very best to know exactly how many people will actually be seated at the restaurant when it comes to the big day. Doing this saves your party and the restaurant the headache of last minute subtracting or adding seats, adding time to your wait, etc…
  5. Be on time – When you finally select your restaurant, date and party size, OpenTable provides a list of times available to accommodate your preference. Note that the time you specify may not always be available, but they will list times that are near your request. Whichever time you choose, make sure that your entire party can arrive on time as to not lose your reservation. Similiar to party size changes, it is ultimately up to the restaurant to accommodate last minute changes. To secure your party’s success, plan to make it to the restaurant at least ten minutes before your reservation time.
  6. Specify the holiday – OpenTable allows you to inform the restaurant if you are celebrating something special from an anniversary to job promotion to birthday, you never know if the wait staff will bring out something special…