Our Favorite Workouts to Make Room for Holiday Treats

When the holidays roll around, treats and feasts galore flood our schedules. All of the eating and holiday cheer leaves some of us feeling completely stuffed, but we’ve found that our favorite exercises help us bounce right back.  It’s the season of giving and enjoying, so why deprive yourself of the gingerbread and mashed potatoes passed around amongst family and friends? Our team believes in balance (and eating all of the foods), so here are our favorite workouts to make room for holiday treats…

  1. Jenn – Barry’s Bootcamp

    Photo Credit: whateveryourdose.com

    Barry’s Bootcamp is a high-intensity 50-minute workout that combines the treadmill, strength and body weight exercises. The environment is an awesome red room with loud music that keeps you going. My favorite instructor is Shaun W. at the El Segundo location.” Barry’s is broken down each day of the week. Whether it’s “Arms & Abs”, “Butt & Legs” or “Full Body”, you’ll be feeling great rewarding yourself with a holiday treat.

  2. Matt – Running

    Photo Credit: runnersworld.com

    “Make sure to run on the morning of holidays so you can eat whatever you want that day.” Running is a great way to boost your metabolism and set personal goals for yourself. When you decide to go on a run, it’s only mind and body keeping you from the finish line, so all you have to do it get going. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful places to go for a run in Los Angeles.

  3. McKenzie – Tennis Lessons

    Photo Credit: beverlyhillstennisacademy.com

    “Tennis is great for endurance and works your arms so much they feel like falling off… in a good way.” Private tennis lessons involve drills that help with practicing front and backswings and usually involve scrimmages with coaches and other players. If you’re looking to take up an entire sport and not just a workout method, tennis could be the best fit for you, and here are some places to find lessons here in LA.

  4. Anna – The Studio (MDR)

    Photo Credit: thestudiomdr.com

    “I had never done pilates before, and the lagree method at The Studio MDR is challenging, rewarding and best of all, non-impact so your joints and body will thank you.” The Studio (MDR) has multiple locations in West LA and is a great way to workout without damaging your elbow, wrist and knee joints. Each class pushes you to your limits and the instructors encourage you to make the changes you want to see you in your health and fitness.

Whatever you do to keep your body and mind clear and healthy, be sure to enjoy the holiday meals that come around this time of year. As long as exercise is incorporated into your life regularly, you can feel good about going for the rolls and slices of pie that friends and family bring to the table. Seize the holiday season, and maybe try some of our favorite workouts to make room for holiday treats.