Pumpkin Takes Center Stage in These Innovative LA Desserts

As October rolls around and stores start devoting an entire aisle to celebrating the season, pumpkin makes its way into plenty of our favorite snacks, dishes, and drinks. Everyone loves the traditional pumpkin bread, pies and lattes that flood our favorite bakeries and sweets destinations, but some Los Angeles restaurants are taking the prized ingredient to a whole new level. See how pumpkin takes center stage in these innovative LA desserts you have to try this fall.

  1. Ayara Thai Cuisine – Thai Curry Pumpkin Creme Brûlée

    Photo Credit: ayarathai.com

    One of the most treasured traditional desserts of creamy custard and crystalized sugar meets two new innovative ingredients – Thai curry and pumpkin. Ayara Thai is offering this delicious dessert through October, and yes, it is served in the cute mini pumpkin when ordered in-house. Not only does the creme brûlée custard meet the creaminess of the pumpkin, but Thai curry spices create a flavor profile, unlike any fall dessert you’ve tried before.

  2. Trattoria Neapolis – Pumpkin Spiced Bomboloni

    Photo Credit: kcet.org

    Bomboloni have been an Italian dessert staple for hundreds of years. These deep-fried doughnuts perfectly dusted with granulated sugar are elevated by the flavors of fall at Trattoria Neapolis, complete with toasted pumpkin seeds. Combine your cravings for fluffy doughnuts and the spices of the Halloween season with the bite-size Bomboloni that we’re sure won’t last too long on the plate.

  3. La Monarca Bakery – Pumpkin Empanada

    Photo Credit: laeater.com

    Empanadas are wonderful little hand-pies, that can be filled with a variety of savory and sweet ingredients. Their pockets have traditionally held spiced meat mixture from pork and chicken to sweet fillings of fruits such as apples. La Monarca takes these Spanish empanadas into the fall season by filling them with none other than pumpkin, an innovative dessert that should not be missed this year.

  4. La Petit Paris – Pumpkin Macaroons

    Photo Credit: cbsla.com

    The French macaroon has seen many different flavors and creative twists, so of course, La Petit Paris had to offer a variation for fall. This pumpkin macaroon will melt in your mouth and make you feel the spirit of the season, what more could we want?