Remembering Culinary Legend Anthony Bourdain

To live our lives as Anthony Bourdain would be a delectable and fulfilling dream. Few in the culinary world have provided the uncut, raw honesty that Bourdain has left us with, exploring and discovering countless experiences hidden in the deepest corners of the world. To emulate even a sliver of his confidence and fearlessness would be a truly fantastic accomplishment. As we are left with his undying memory, compelling books, daring recipes and riveting TV shows, there are a few things we can remember each day to live our culinary lives as Anthony Bourdain…

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Do not fear the unknown or unpopular – To pass by a restaurant for its rundown, outward appearance or lack of press on the latest inflated, trending food round-up is an opportunity missed. A location serving delicious cuisine may not be well-recognized or have a James Beard-nominated chef, but how amazing would it be if you were one of the first to discover a restaurant’s unique cuisine and undeniable potential?

Beer is never a bad idea – There is a reason a wine and beer list comes with your food menu. It is not a mere ploy to increase your bill and waiter’s tip but a reminder to take full advantage of what our palates allow us to experience. Pairing a salty, steaming bowl of noodles with refreshing and crisp, light beer may place you in a state of satisfaction you’ve never felt before and never would have if you did not consider ordering a pint, or pitcher as Bourdain would have it.

Choosing where to have a meal is more than a matter of satiating hunger – Food is economical, sociological. Branching out from Miso Ramen or Veal Scallopini that we’ve convinced ourselves is a daring dip into another culture’s cuisine is necessary to be a part of the incredible movement that our current culinary climate provides. We have access to worlds away just by tasting ingredients outside of our everyday lives that could have an immensely larger impact than anticipated.

Sharing a meal with someone is learning about them on an entirely new level – Eating is intimate. Nowadays, it may be easy to forget that satisfying our hunger should be done with more thoughtfulness than take-out in front of our TV screens. I can only hope that remembering one of the greatest culinary legends will remind us to move back to the dining room, put away our phones and distractions and truly experience a meal with someone we love and care for.