Switch Things Up at These 3 SoCal Speakeasies

Sometimes dim lighting and a bar stool are just what the doctor ordered for the weekend. Sure, rowdy dive bars serve up plenty of good tunes and character while some of LA’s best night clubs allow you and your friends to dress to the nines, but there are nights when it’s better to just chill.

The irony in the Speakeasy being our modern, more relaxed drinking alternative to other watering holes is the reason behind their name dubbed in the 1920s. Though they were named after the intent of keeping their location a secret, once inside the confined walls of a speakeasy, alcohol connoisseurs could finally let loose and enjoy their illegal sipping. We now have the present day speakeasies which are calm environments meant to pay homage to those who provided a place for people to unwind even when the government was attempting to shut down the party. In the name of honoring history this weekend, make some plans to take it easy at these SoCal speakeasies.

  1. Old Man Bar – Culver City, CA
Photo Credit: citizine.tv

Situated within beloved Hatchet Hall restaurant, this speakeasy truly brings out your inner old man (without the bitterness). The casual atmosphere right when you enter is one of the most surprising and inviting aspects of the joint that will immediately encourage you to pull up a stool or take your group to one of the side booths. The decor is full of taxidermy and nostalgic photos that will make you feel like you stepped into a man’s office from the Prohibition itself, and the drinks do not disappoint.

2. Blind Barber – Culver City, CA

Photo Credit: urbandaddy.com

Blind Barber is another relaxed option for a nice break in the hectic nightlife that Southern California has to offer. With bar stools and checkered floors hiding behind what appears to be an old school barber shop, it’s the perfect spot to escape with friends for an evening full of craft beers, cocktails and laughs (since you will actually be able to hear each other). It not only appears to be a real barber shop, it actually functions as one during the day. So this weekend maybe schedule a fresh cut during the day and enjoy it over cocktails with friends later that night.

3. La Descarga – Los Angeles, CA

Photo Credit: thebolditalic.com

If you’re really looking to switch things up as far as drinks and entertainment, La Descarga will absolutely not disappoint. If it’s a chill night you crave, you can sit back and relax in the cigar room with its own full-service bar complete with its own music as well. Even if you have some friends in your group that want a little more excitement in their evening, they can stay in the main room complete with a live band and dancers.