Tips for Telling Your (Insta) Story

Instagram has stepped up its game and given us the wonderful opportunity to share content on our stories. With choices of font style, size, color, stickers, emojis, gifs and so much more, it can be tough to decide what looks best when posting, so here are a few of our favorite tips for the perfect story…

  1. Check your frame – When taking/using a picture for your Instagram story, make sure that the background and edges of the photo are clean and don’t contain random objects or things that will distract from the focal point of your photo.
  2. Keep it simple – It seems as though less is more lately on social media as clean, simple photos receive the most traction and are extremely pleasing to the eye. Try not to overcrowd your pictures with too many things so that the image gets its message across.
  3. Add flair with emojis, stickers, gifs, etc. – Take advantage of all of the fun things you can add to your images on your story, but be sure not to overdo it and ruin your perfect capture.
  4. Write captions – Tell your followers about what they are looking at so that if the image captures their attention, they have a reference. **Be sure that the fonts are readable and fit the aesthetic of the photo.**
  5. Add the location – If relevant to your post, be sure to include the location feature on your story so followers can visit the amazing restaurant, store, etc. that you are featuring and promoting on your story.
  6. Keep up with holidays – Use your story as an opportunity to celebrate national holidays, to remind your followers of special days and put a smile on their face.