We Love Spring Chicken in These L.A. Dishes

Enjoy chicken this Spring with some of our team’s favorite dishes in Los Angeles…

Matt – “The rotisserie chicken at Pollo Ala Brasa in Gardena is delicious. It is smoky because of the wood-fired grill it is cooked in. Order it with a side of fries and pour some of their aji sauce all over it for the ultimate weekend snack.”

Photo Credit: yelp.com

Jenn – “The roasted chicken from Scopa Italian Roots with creamed polenta, kale and calabrian chilies is where it’s at!”

Photo Credit: yelp.com

Anna – “ROC Kitchen offers more than delicious dumplings, and their popcorn chicken is no exception. Served with a spicy dipping sauce, it is the perfect fried chicken indulgence.”

Photo Credit: yelp.com

McKenzie – “The chicken at Howlin Rays is packed with flavor! It’s a unique concept because you are able to choose how hot you want your chicken, only the courageous will choose howlin’ hot. Not to mention they are all natural, hormone and antibiotic- free chicken.”

Photo Credit: powercouplelife.com