Where to Spend a Day of Booze in Los Angeles

Yes, it can be exciting to order a beer or mimosa flight at a restaurant, but visiting a business where their number one priority is booze is an experience you will never forget (well, hopefully). From breweries to distilleries to tap houses, Los Angeles has many diverse locations to discover with a group of 21+ friends this summer. Yes, Malibu Farms, Sonoma Wine Bar and the Barcycle will still be there when you’re back from your adventure, but trying something new may expand your palate with a variety of spirits. So saddle up, drinks lots of water beforehand and learn where to spend a day of booze in Los Angeles…

  1.  Brewport Tap House (El Segundo)

    Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com

    If you’ve ever claimed to dislike beer, you should consider giving it another try at a tap room. There are so many different kinds of beer and ciders that it is likely you have yet to try your favorite. At a tap room like Brewport in El Segundo, you walk into a cozy, lively environment with walls adorned with rotating taps. From pale ales to IPAs to milk stouts to ciders, you are almost guaranteed to like something. The best part is, whatever you drink is up to you. Guests of taprooms normally receive a wristband that unlocks the taps and keeps track of the ounces that poured, so try as many as you can and get a pint of your favorite (or three…). Pro tip: The food menu is full of delicious bites, but order the potato chips and dip to be blown away by a seemingly simple snack.

  2. Lost Spirits Distillery (DTLA)

    Photo Credit: liquor.com

    Lost Spirits Distillery in downtown LA has managed to combine two wonderful things in life – Disneyland, and booze. Owners and creators of the distillery wanted to create an unconventional experience that took advantage of the tasting room space by adding elements of theme parks. Guests will find small animatronics and decor that remind them of their childhood while sipping on various rums and whiskeys. If you’re a true Disney fan over 21, Lost Spirits may really be the happiest place on earth.

  3. Three Weavers Brewing Company (Inglewood)

    Photo Credit: trbimg.com

    If you prefer a relaxed, open space to hang out with friends, Three Weavers in Inglewood is the perfect spot. Not only does the brewery offer their own craft beers, but they also hold events such as “Paint & Pint” and “Trivia Night” every month. On any given day, they also have board games that guests can play while sipping on delicious brews. Pro tip: Tumby’s Pizza is located just a few minutes walk away, and regulars usually pick up a pie to enjoy right at the brewery.

  4.  Greenbar Distillery (DTLA)

    Photo Credit: ivanestradaproperties.com

    What makes Greenbar Distillery in Downtown LA so special is that it is LA’s first original distillery since prohibition – that’s enough reason alone to plan a visit. Greenbar allows guests to taste a variety of their unique spirits that are incredibly innovative and delicious. Beyond a distillery tour and standard tasting, Greenbar offers craft cocktail classes and cocktail consultations for guests to create the perfect sip. Become your own bartender this summer and impress guests at future cocktail parties.